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TuneVault.com Consignment Agreement

CD & Merchandise Sales Ticket Sales Shipping Info

By sending us your CD's to sell on the site you agree to and understand the following:

This agreement is entered into between the artist and tunevault.com for the purposes of tunevault.com promoting and selling your musical works both online and off. By committing to this agreement you are agreeing to the following:

1. You have full right to provide these musical works for resale by tunevault.com and this sale is not in violation of any other contract or agreement you have with any other party (including but not limited to other distributors, labels, etc.)

2. You have secured the proper rights, permission and/or license for any work which is not your own (e.g. cover versions of songs, elements of artwork that were created by someone else) which will be provided to tunevault.com as part of this agreement.

3. You hold tunevault.com free from any responsibility or liability in the case where either of the above is not true or turns out not to be true, even if you believe it to be true at the time of signing of this agreement

4. You have the signing authority to commit to this contract, as the artist, a member of the band or as a legally assigned agent or representative thereof.

5. TuneVault.com may promote your work as it sees fit, both online and in other media including but not limited to print, radio, television etc. and may promote your work in association with other artists who are participating in the site.

6. You agree not to abuse any ranking or promotion system we may have in place, and will not do anything by any means mechanical or otherwise to artificially inflate the number of page views your band receives, review your own CDs, etc..

Payment terms
Artists will be paid when all titles have been sold, or every 90 days (whichever comes first). Artists can set the selling price as desired and will receive payment as follows: pressing costs (2$ for CD or 12" vinyl, 1$ for cassette or 7" vinyl) + 50% of remaining net profit. For example, if a CD sells for $10, you will receive $6. Tunevault receives $4 in exchange for its services creating and maintaining the web site, shipping the product, securing credit card merchant accounts, paying credit card discounts and transaction fees, etc. Notwithstanding this payment formula, TuneVault.com will not take more than a $5 commission on any sale unless a specific agreement to the contrary exists. We hope you find this scheme reasonable.

Occasionally you may receive slightly less if we are running a promotion (e.g. if everything is 10% off at the site, both the artist and tunevault.com will receive 10% less than normal.) We will let you know if this is ever the case.

This agreement can be terminated by either party by providing written, email or fax notice. All unsold merchandise and monies owed will be returned to artist within a reasonable time-frame. However, any tracks included on compilation CD's and any MP3's available for download may be kept/maintained by tunevault.com for a reasonable period of time. (Obviously we won't include any tracks of yours on future compilations but we're not going to stop selling pre-existing ones.)

We will do everything we can to promote and sell your music. If you can help out by promoting the www.tunevault.com URL or by any other means, feel free. Feel free to suggest any promo ideas you may have. The more we work together the better off everyone will be.

Sorry if this seems unwieldy, we're just trying to avoid any misunderstandings.

Ticket Sales CD & Merch. Sales Shipping Info

Ticket prices are set by the artist or promoter who sets up the show on the site. The purchase price of each ticket is collected by TuneVault.com, and the appropriate taxes and surcharges are added. The artist or promoter receives the full face value of the ticket. Credit card discount, processing fees etc. are paid entirely by TuneVault.com out of the surcharges collected.

No tickets are actually mailed to the buyer. Their receipt (which they receive by email) is there ticket. For security purposes they enter a password during the buying process (which only the seller has have access to) and a security code is generated and included on their receipt. When sales for a show are completed, the seller has access to a report which lists all the ticket buyers, their passwords and security codes. By comparing this list to the receipts which buyers bring with them to the show, the possibility of forgery is virtually eliminated.

Payments for shows are sent upon request of the seller, after the 14th or 28th of the month, whichever comes first. (TuneVault.com does not actually receive the funds from the credit-card processor until that date).

Refunds for cancelled or postponed shows, or other requests for refunds or exchanges, are entirely the responsibility of the seller. A list of buyer's names and other contact information can be provided for these purposes.

While TuneVault.com makes every attempt to maintain the utmost in security, no warranties are expressed or implied as to the security or reliability of any part of the selling process, and the seller acknowledges that any electronic or paper-based transaction or communication presents inherent risk, including but not limited to data loss, data interception, spoofing, forgery, theft etc. TuneVault.com assumes no liability for any loss or damage incurred due to any security breach, hardware or software failure, or for any other reason. TuneVault.com's liability is limited to forwarding any funds received for any ticket sales, to the appropriate seller.

Shipping Info General Info Ticket Sales

Please send 5 CD's for resale (more if you anticipate high demand in the first month) plus optionally 1 promo copy for review/contest purposes to:

Box 57053, RPO Gladstone
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 1A1

If you are sending from outside Canada - please limit each shipment to 5 or 6 CD's and please mark the package with a value of $0 . Packages will be refused if any postage, duty or taxes are due on receipt.

We can't be responsible for shipments that get lost or otherwise mutilated in the mail but so far we haven't had any problems. We suggest a box or bubble envelope with a few extra layers of protection inside.

Once you send us your CD's, you will be able to tell that we've received them by checking your artist page. When you see an active "Add to cart" link beside your CD title, it means we have them and we're ready to sell.

While you're waiting, why not steal some of our logos from here and put them on your site? We have found so far that the majority of our sales come from visitors to artist home pages, who then continue to our site to purchase the CD. So link link link! And email your friends of course...

Thanks for your time. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to email us.

The TuneVault Team.

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