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Generate a band nameBand Name Generator - Create Band Names, Song Titles and Album Titles

Millions of combinations - word lists by theme - add your own words

Coming up with a name for your band can be a trying process frought with guesswork and stupidity - tired of all the inane suggestions your band-mates are coming up with?

Use this to generate band names, song titles or even album titles that you are free to use as you see fit. If you do use anything generated by this free page, please let us know and we'll list you here as a testament to the success of this tool! Because we all love successful tools!

Your randomly generated band/song/album name is:
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Use the options below to limit your words to a certain theme or to include your own word or words.

Type:alt/rock country lounge surf metal girl-group wildcard
Always Include this word:

If you use any results from this page please let us know and we'll link to your page. If you would like to suggest another Type please send your suggestion and list of words (divided into nouns, adjectives, prepositions and suffixes) via our Feedback Form


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