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Click for more infoNinety Pounds of Ugly "Richmond Motel Room #3" CD (Country)
Voted best roots/country album of 2009 by Ottawa XPress
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Click for more infoArctic Monkeys (Rock)
The hottest-selling album in the UK, now available right here!

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Ninety Pounds of Ugly (Country)Bigg Jigg (Hip Hop/Rap)The Geeks (Hip Hop/Rap)Shah Bailey (R&B)Roman Matin (Jazz)Meleniumx (World)K360 (Hip Hop/Rap)The Kingmakers (Rock - Roots/Country)The Raoul Santodomingo Experience (Experimental)Mysteriam (Rock)Steven Messenger (Instrumental)Natasia Pena (Pop)Jae Bedford (Country)The Eggman (Hip Hop/Rap)Slo-v and Retro (Hip Hop/Rap)More...

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Blink 182 (Punk)Bullfrog (Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement)Jimmy George (Celtic)Hot Piss (Metal)Kid Koala (Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement)Furnaceface (Alternative)Punchbuggy (Alternative)Amon Tobin (Electronic)Blu Rum 13 (Lo-fi / Slacker / Basement)DJ Danger Mouse (Hip-Hop)More...

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WAVES Reduces Prices On Audio Plugins and Tools Read

Astral Awards $100,000 to MusiCounts to Finance Music Programs in 71 Schools Across the Country Read

Danny Michel Fall Tour 2010 Hits Ontario and Quebec Read

Polaris Prize Posters Read

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Everclear - In A Different Light Read
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Craig Cardiff, Matthew Barber, Julie Fader - Live at Black Sheep Inn, Wakefield Quebec Read
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