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Even "Modern Rock" Is Not Immune to the One-Hit Wonder Curse
The One-Hit Wonder: An Ongoing Concern Read

Canadian Tulip Festival Concert Series
Ottawa Tulip Festival features The Trews, Trooper, Xavier Rudd, Stephen Fearing, Pilate, Rise Ashen, Oh Susanna, The Dears and lots more! Read

Cisco Systems Bluesfest 2005 - Ottawa
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Billy Corgan: Smashing Pumpkins to reunite?
Billy Corgan bares his soul in a full-page ad in today's Chicago Tribune Read

• Ottawa Tulip Festival features The Trews, Trooper, Xavier Rudd, Stephen Fearing, Pilate, Rise Ashen, Oh Susanna, The Dears and lots more! •
Canadian Tulip Festival Concert Series

Ottawa Citizen Get Out Weekends! Concert Series presented by CTV Ottawa

Every year the Canadian Tulip Festival brings in a bevy of bands from across the land, and 2006 is no exception! From east-coast rockers The Trews who have just released their new album, to eighties mainstays Trooper and Northern Pikes, alt-country and indie rock from a variety of up-and-coming acts, DJ's and lots more. Check out the full line-up below and be sure to check out the variety of music the festival has to offer.

The overall Festival takes place from May 4 to 22 and will celebrate the theme "World Flower Rendezvous."


2006 Canadian Tulip Festival Group Biographies

    Friday, May 12

The Trews - 9:15pm

In 2003 a little-known rock act called The Trews won over the Tulip Festival with an energetic performance opening for Big Sugar. Since then The Trews have established themselves as one of Canada’s premier rock acts. Whether kicking out songs like “Not Ready to Go” from their debut album House of ill Fame or tunes like “So She’s Leaving” or “Poor ol’ Broken Hearted Me” from their latest album Den of Thieves, the Trews prove that they can rock loudly and rock proudly!

The Marble Index - 8:00pm

The Index are a rock n’ roll band: no gimmicks. Their larger-than-life sound pounds with a blend of sixties and seventies era hard rock that is as gritty and real as their hometown of Hamilton. Having spent the last two years insatiably touring the world with icons like The Pixies, The Index have honed their sound and show and are ready to bring back the rock to Ottawa!

The Novaks - 7:00pm

Ian Hunter and Mott the Hoople would be proud of these Newfoundland boys whose East Coast rock n’ roll conjures up visions of Joel Plaskett, Tom Petty and even Keith Richards. The Novaks just won an East Coast Music Award for Best New Artist. Come out to see them kick off the Festival and show us that the Rock really rocks!

    Saturday, May 13

Xavier Rudd - 9:15pm

Canadian-Australian surf/roots artist Xavier Rudd is “extremely fresh and captivating” (Philadelphia Daily News). His live performances at the Ottawa Blues Festival have become almost legendary as he plays guitar, didgeridoo and various percussions simultaneously! As if the sight wasn’t enough, the sound is mesmerizing. Drifting between a mellow, laid-back singer/songwriter and a purveyor of tribal rhythm and beats, Rudd has solidified his position as one of the world’s most exciting new artists!

Cuff the Duke - 8:00pm

Cuff the Duke have been a favourite on the Canadian live circuit for some time now, but their self-titled second album has secured their status in Canadian music. These critically acclaimed prog-country-rockers from Oshawa/Toronto will leave you “crying in your beer and banging your head” (MacLeans) all at the same time.

Lure - 7:00pm

Blend the members of “politi-funk” rhythm kings Seismic with a taste of funk, some Rheostatics and WEEN, and you have the undeniable sound of Lure. Their Folkloric-funk sound – reminiscent of a young King Cobb Steelie, or Ween – will surely help you to get your groove on!

Marc Charron - 6:30pm

Ottawa musical stalwart Marc Charron describes his music as being like “driving across the country with no maps or cellphones, alone, in a Canadian winter storm”. Along with the storm Charron brings his one-man band along to kick off a night of incredible music.

    Sunday, May 14

Stephen Fearing - 6:30pm

For almost 17 years now, Stephen Fearing has been penning some of the most lyrical, stirring and emotionally charged folk music on this planet. Couple this with stunning guitar work, a smooth intimate voice, and work that taps into the full spectrum of human experience, and you have Stephen Fearing.

Murray Maclauchlan - 5:15pm

Murray McLauchlan is one of Canada’s best songwriting performers. To experience him perform is to enjoy creative storytelling, social commentary and wit with a man who clearly enjoys sharing his music and experiences with an audience.

Tom Wilson - 4:00pm

A Tulip Festival favorite, Tom Wilson makes his return on the strength of his newest and most critically acclaimed work to date: Dog Years. Wilson’s voice is steeped in the spirit of the blues and has a primal, raw sense of honesty that emanates from his hometown of Hamilton, Ontario. Wilson always shines at the Tulip Festival, so come on out and join him.

Terry Tufts - 3:00pm

Tufts is a superb singer, writer and guitarist whose social conscience colours his fantastic music. His latest album The Better Fight reflects the enigmatic songwriting style that has made him one of Canada’s most respected folk performers.

    Friday, May 19

Pilate - 9:30pm

With their 2003 debut Caught by the Window Pilate established themselves as one of Canada’s rising Canadian hopefuls. Their sophomore release Sell Control for Life’s Speed sees Pilate making a “bold, edgy heartbreaker of an album”. Blending the atmospheric rock of the British Isles with the complex subtleties of Canada, Pilate have created a sound onto themselves. If you caught them opening for David Usher in 2004, you know that their return to the Tulip Festival is sure to make for a great night.

Wintersleep - 8:15pm

The buzz around Nova Scotia’s Wintersleep is insatiable: and it’s no wonder! With powerful guitars and a thunderous rhythm section they skate the fine line between East-Coast pop wunderkinds and prog-rock machines. Chart Magazine has called them “one of the most unique sounds to ever come out of the Maritimes,” concluding “this band will take the country by storm.” This is not to be missed!

The Diableros - 7:15pm

The Diableros’ debut album “You Can’t Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts” is the talk of the Canadian music press. Their sound is awash with the music that has shaped modern rock. With a sound similar to My Bloody Valentine, The Velvet Underground and Jesus and the Mary Chain, this six-piece combo has delivered an album that cannot be ignored, and a live show that is just as captivating.

Les Dales Hawerchuk - 6:15pm

There is something wonderfully Canadian about a Quebec rock n’ roll band that names themselves after a first-round draft choice for the Winnipeg Jets. Their hilarious video for the song Dale Hawerchuk is all over Quebec television and is helping the band establish themselves as an energetic rock n’ roll band with a penchant for fun.

    Saturday, May 20

Trooper - 9:15pm

Come down to Major’s Hill Park and “Raise a Little Hell” with Canada’s ultimate party band: Trooper! In 2003 Trooper put on a truly memorable show at the Festival and they have returned once more to kick off the spring & summer festival season. The “boys in the bright white sports car” are back to turn it up ... but remember, Trooper are “Here for a good time, but not a long time”.

Northern Pikes - 7:45pm

The Pikes are back! Their music, poignant lyrics and vocal harmonizing still sound as fresh and innovative today as it did when they first appeared on the scene in the 80s. The first time around, The Northern Pikes were synonymous with Canadian pop with gems like: “She Ain’t Pretty”, “Things I do for Money”, “Kiss me you Fool”, “Girl with a Problem” and “Teenland”.

The Red Jets - 6:30pm

The Red Jets are a dynamic teenage band who know what rock is all about. Their play list blends current hits from artists like The White Stripes and The Hives; with classics from the Beatles and the Kinks for a total high-energy show that will keep you singing and dancing to your favorite rock songs.

    Sunday, May 21

Beautiful Nubia - 9:00pm

Blending rhythms and melodies from the folk traditions of his Yoruba culture with contemporary influences, BN has created highly original, neo-traditional African music. Performed in both English and Yoruba, his songs are loaded with universal social and political messages, complemented by soulful vocals and dexterous performances.

Muna Mingole - 8:00pm

Muna is without a doubt the “Blue Fireof Cameroon! Her passion, sternness and devotion make her a remarkable artist in the world music community. Be ready for Muna Mingole and her “Munakossa” as they are the hottest musical event around.

Rise Ashen - 6:30pm & 10:00pm

Ottawa’s Eric Vani, a.k.a Rise Ashen, blends the dance floor sounds of Ottawa’s clubs with the world rhythms of its diverse population. His sound represents the changing face of Canada and his spins will keep you dancing all night long!

The Souljazz Orchestra - 7:00pm

The Souljazz Orchestra’s sound blends classic American jazz-funk with African and Latin music and modern live hip-hop. Think of their music as an afro-jazz-funk pile-driver. High-energy, sweat-drenched, dance floor jazz as tight as James Brown’s polyester hot pants back in ’71.

Guest MC – John Akpata

Ottawa-resident John Akpata is a writer and poet. Akpata is a true poet who focuses all his energy into writing and performing, and has vowed to make a living off his art. Joining us as our MC for the evening, Akpata will bring his rhythmic language to Major’s Hill Park and help set the vibe for the night.

    Monday Afternoon, May 22

Oh Susanna - 2:00pm

Tulip Festival favorite Susie Ungerleider returns to the Tulip Festival before charting into the studio to record her new record. With a voice steeped in the southern tradition that made Dolly Parton a household name, this northern dame has always been one of Canada’s most sincere singer-songwriters.

The John Henrys - 1:00pm

Ottawa’s The John Henrys combine the lush sound of 1960’s roots acts like The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Byrds with the melodious meanderings of The Thrills. Easily one of Ottawa’s best bands, The John Henrys’ latest album Thought Yourself Lucky sees them advancing their sound to even greater heights.

Shannon Lyon - 12:00 noon

Since the late 1990s, acoustic troubadour Shannon Lyon has made a habit of recording critically acclaimed albums like Wandered and his latest release Safe Inside, which were both recorded in Holland where his success has been unrivaled.

    Monday Evening, May 22

The Dears - 9:00pm

Since their debut End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story, Montreal’s The Dears have made an art of finding a perfect balance between “pure-pop immediacy and sinister symphonics”. Mojo magazine called their sophomore album No Cities Left a “drizzly doomsday masterpiece”. Yet, it is a spectacular live show that is driven by sounds of orchestral chaos that leaves concert goers speechless. This music will not be embraced by the faint of heart, the hopelessly cynical or the emotionally insecure. But then, they’re the ones who need it the most.

Malajube - 8:00pm

Eye Magazine called them “the best new band in Montreal you didn’t read about in Spin”. The Montreal Gazette called Trompe-L’oeil “a thrilling rock opus”. Playing with sounds that are reminiscent of The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and peppered with luxurious prog rock and bubble-gum pop, these Montrealers have perfected a truly original and mind-blowing sound.

The Golden Dogs - 7:00pm

NOW magazine called Golden Dog Dave Azzolini “the embodiment of a rock star who belts out the vocals with alarming gut!” At last year’s festival The Golden Dogs blew away audiences with their blend of catchy melodies and breakneck seventies-era rock. Performing music from their upcoming album BIG I, little i you’ll see why Chart Attack called them “the best live band in the country”.

Clothes Make the Man - 6:00pm

At times this Ottawa-Toronto rock outfit seems to channel the raw energy of The Replacements or The Archers of Loaf. Their latest self-titled album is a blend of sharp guitar, punchy rhythm and thought-provoking and reflective lyrics.

The 2006 Ottawa Citizen Get Out Weekends! Concert Series presented by CTV Ottawa will begin on Main Stage, Major's Hill Park on Friday May 12 and run six weekend nights and two weekend afternoons. The eight-show series, featuring over 30 performing artists and bands, is a great value for the All-Concert Pass that sells for just $25 plus GST before May 3 and $30 plus GST after May 3. Individual weekend evening tickets are $15 GST included and individual afternoon concerts are $10 GST included.


  • An All-Concert Pass provides unlimited admission to Major's Hill Park including admission for all evening and afternoon concerts.
  • The All-Concert Pass will sell for $30, discounted to $25 up until May 3 at Compact Music and CD Warehouse and outlets.
  • Outlets will sell the All-Concert Pass and individual concert tickets.
  • Individual concert tickets will be $15 GST included for weekend evenings and $10 GST included for Sunday and Victoria Day afternoons.

* Children, 12 and under are always free.

All Concert Passes and Concert Tickets available from:

- Capital Tickets OnlineCapital Tickets

- Ottawa-Gatineau Sports Experts Outlets

Rideau Shopping Centre, 50 Rideau Street, Ottawa
St. Laurent Shopping Centre, 1226 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa
Bayshore Shopping Centre, 100 Bayshore Drive, Nepean
Promenades de L'Outaouais, 1100 boul. Maloney Ouest, Gatineau
Power Centre, 25 C, boul. du Plateau, Gatineau

- Scotiabank Place Box Office - 1000 Palladium Drive, Kanata (hours)

- By Calling: 599-FANS or 877-788-FANS

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