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Our main service here at is promoting bands and selling their wares, but we offer a few services of note ourselves or through our sister (brother?) company,

Graphic Design
All too often bands spend all their money and time on the recording then throw together the CD artwork at the last second. Unfortunately, no matter how good your music is, a poorly-designed cover is going to turn off a lot of people and make your project look amateur. We have years of experience designing artwork for the likes of Furnaceface, Punchbuggy, Jimmy George, Merlin, ma, Archer Micro Space Patrol, Toque, the "I've Never Been To Ottawa" compilation, and many more. Our goal is to take your ideas and create a polished product ready for sale that presents a professional, appropriate image for you or your band. Some of our other work includes logo design for bands, t-shirt design, and web site design. Feel free to contact us for more information or check out some samples on the web site.

MP3 Creation / Upload
We can take your existing mass-produced or one-off CD and create one or more MP3 files. We can then upload them to your site, create a whole site for you, or create a site at to showcase your MP3 files and allow purchase of your CD. This service is offered on a flat-rate or revenue-sharing basis. Contact us for more information and let us know what you would like.


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